Department of Clinical disciplines


The chair of the clinical disciplines

1.   department head editsinanın Ph . By , Doctor of Excellence in the health care Jumanalieva Maksudakan Sciences . 

    Address: Jalal-Abad city fireball -Moldo Street 75 B ·        graduate Language: Russian and English. ·        Incorporation of the Charter:  2017 2. The mission of the department is based on the achievement of science, innovation and technology, public health, social environment and the training required in order to develop the economy, 3. The aim of the department is       jogoruulatuu the quality of education and educational space, to achieve a leading position in its 4. strengthening the position of the strategy of the department

Based on the quality of education through the preparation of highly qualified professionals to meet the demands of the national and foreign consumers, to ensure a continuous and sustainable development of the faculty.
5. The objective of the department is : •        establishing a scientific and clinical education to soar  to combine. ·        Implementation of the credit technology and teaching methods. ·        Improve the quality and improve the system of evaluation of students. ·        Are y new technologies, ie Reform of the Ministry of Health and the new

Provision of education , introducing a method of management.

6. A general characteristic of the department.
(Research Institute of the medical and social İİMSİ) June 20, 2016 streak GPYu number 0022119 and registered with the Ministry of Justice. The founders of the institution, November 2, 2017, due to changes in the composition of the order №2407 on the basis of re-registration. Professional education in the area delineated number of licenses for the right to carry out educational activities LD170000036, 2017, registration number 17/0032. The chair of the general medical disciplines, rector of the basis of the order of 3 (3 sventyabr opened in 2018.
2018-2019 academic year, foreign students received the treatments will work in their specialty.
Our school building; K.Ş.Toktomamatov International University, International Medical College, and economic College of Humanities and Jalal-Abad regional clinical hospital, “Jar-Mohammed,” a private clinic.
The total area of              sq / m heating system, electricity
Today,   225  students are taught to foreign students among them 225
Total contractual basis of study.   75000 KGS year contract.

                           7.Studentterdin contingent:

 Course Medical treatment General


 Orus group Foreigner


1 1 course 225 225 225
8. Organization of the learning process:
 6 days, 8 hours per shift, 18:25  Reading

9. Scientific Research Institute of medical, social and general medical disciplines qualitative composition of teachers:
16   Total number of teachers –
F.I.O. Item Names Qualification of education (which university graduated when, specialty Degree Об щ.internship Ped .experience
1 Jumanalieva MaksudakanBekiev  Normal Clinical Anatomy KGMI 1991 Pediatric Dr. Ph Dmedicine 34 20
2 Nurdinov ShamshidinŞabidinoviç  Medical biology, genetics, parasitology Omsk State Agricultural University К.б.н. doc  24 24
3 For Sulaymanov ShayirbekAlibaev  Practice KME 1991    




24 24
4 Akhmedov ErlanShavkatbekovich Normal Clinical Anatomy KGMA      2008 Medical Business Doctor of Ph.DMedicine 11 5
5 Anvar Kasimov Mırzaeviç Practice KGMI     1976

 medical business

KMN   Associate Professor 43 20
6 Shatmanov ManagementTurgunbaev  Histology, cytology and embryology KGMI     1984 medical business




35 35
7 Taylanov DiamondJakıpoviç Care for therapeutic and surgical patients КГМА   2010 

medical business

8 Doroyev Akbar



Medical biology, genetics, parasitology Omsk State th veterin th University Cm prevents -l 36 28
9 Anara MamatovaNasiralievna Histology, cytology and embryology KGMA 2010

medical business

Prep- l 7 6
10 Kudaiberdieva GulzadaAlmambetov  Medical biology, genetics, parasitology Omsk State University

The biological factor be

Prep- l 25 14
11 Abdiraupov Goal  


Histology, cytology and embryology SU  2008

copper torch

Prep- l 9 6
12 Anipa daughter Abdykalil  Medical biology, genetics, parasitology KGBA 2018

medical business


Prep- l 6 6
13 Jılçıkeeva Nuraiym Abduvasitovna Normal Clinical Anatomy OSŠGU as of February 2010 Prep-al 7 6
14 Khusainov   Alisher Abduldabekov Care for therapeutic and surgical patients KSMA medical case Ph.D. assistant professor 12 8
15 Eşimbetova Aynagul Shakira Normal Clinical Anatomy КГМА   2000

medical business

Prepaid 17 7


The number of teachers of the department sapattıkjana:


The number of







doctor Ph.D


Senior teacher teacher on Beginner

a teacher

Scientific darajaluulugu
1 16 2 3 1 2 1 5 1 53,5%


 Department subjects:

Name of subjects 1 st 2 semesters General
1 Medical biology, genetics, parasitology 60 120 180
2 Introduction to the specialty, history of medicine, medical ethics and deontology 60 60
3 Normal Clinical Anatomy 120 150 270
4 Histology, cytology and embryology 90 150 240
5 Care of surgical and therapeutic patients 90 90
6 Practice: Junior medical staff   care and care   for somatic and surgical patients 60 60
               General : 330 570 900