In NIMSI there is a library with a reading room, equipped with everything necessary for 26 seats, it is 75 sq.m., the book-storage is 14 sq.m.Library fund 51160 units of books. Electronic books with a total of 60,000 books, of which more than 10,000 books on special subjects, the rest on humanitarian subjects. Periodicals are available (Erkin-Too, Kut Bilim, Slovo Kyrgyzstana newspapers, journals). Subscriptions are made to the periodicals of the NAKR magazine and Erkin-Too, Kyrgyz Tuusu, Slovo Kyrgyzstan, Kut Bilim “,” Akyikat “,” Kyrgyz Tili “,” Healthcare of Kyrgyzstan “,” Central Asian Medical Journal “, from foreign ones:” Obstetrics and Gynecology “,” Allergology “,” Anesthesiology and Resuscitation “,” Doctor “” Immunology “,” Cardiology “,” Clinical Medicine “,” Medical Bulletin “,” Pediatrics “,” Pul onologiya “,” Rheumatology “,” Human Physiology “,” Mughal “,” Shookum “). The provision of students with textbooks and teaching aids is 100%, and complies with regulatory requirements, the library fund is updated. In addition, under the agreement, students of the Institute of National Institute of Information Technology use 4 libraries of the International University ( MNU ), the number of seats is 160, the total area is 362 sq.m. The total book fund is 50,606 books in Kyrgyz, Russian, English, Turkish, Chinese, and Uzbek. In the library reading room there are 27 computers connected to the Internet and Wi – Fi areprovided. connection.


Electronic resources
The site contains the full texts of more than 4,000 lectures on the topic of “health and prevention” in foreign and partly in Russian. Information search can be conducted on the topic of research, on the author’s or general alphabetical catalog, or view only the new lectures of the site.
The catalog of biomedical books contains links to full-text books on biomedical disciplines published on the Internet. There are links to more than 650 publications, mainly in English.
The electronic medical library provides materials on the main sections of medicine and the possibility of publishing scientific articles.
A selection of books and reference books on medicine in the library of Maxim Moshkov
The site contains reference books, encyclopedias, monographs on all branches of medicine in Russian and English. Separately allocated section for professionals. The material is systematized.
Presents the texts of articles, manuals and books, systematized by branch of medicine.
The resource is located on the website “Orthodox Medical Server”. The library contains books and articles contributing to the informational support of Orthodox medicine (the history of Orthodox medicine, charity, the ethical problems of modern medicine, etc.)
The resource is located on the InfaMed Medical Center website. Computer products for medicine and medical professionals. You can post information about your programs.
Medical treatment. Info – electronic medical library, which mainly presents books on the history of medicine and non-medicinal methods of treatment. The site contains archives of magazines “Health” and “Your Health”
The resource is located on the website A small selection of books on various issues of medicine and health. Presents publications before 1917 and literature 20-30 years. Twentieth century. All books are saved in DjVu format. You can read about the format and how to view the books stored in it on the page “About the DjVu format. Questions and Answers”
The library contains books, reference books, textbooks, guidelines. The material is systematized by branch of medicine. The resource is intended for medical workers, students, applicants and schoolchildren.
The catalog is presented on the website of InfaMed Medical Center. It includes selected medical monographs, manuals, textbooks, guidelines published in the USSR and Russia since 1950 in all branches of medicine. The material is systematized.
The MedLib Medical Library Archive has more than 20,000 books. The literature is presented in Russian, Ukrainian and English and sorted into categories. Downloading files larger than 20 Mb is allowed only if registered in the library. Among the site headings: medical news; video medicine; catalog of medical sites; free advice.

Medical libraries and summary catalogs

“Navigator in information and library resources of the Internet” on the site of the State Public Television and Radio Library of the Siberian Branch of the RAS. It is a common metaresource that integrates links to other libraries.

“MIR – Medical Internet Resources” on the MedInformConsulting website (Moscow). It is a specialized metaresource integrating links to medical libraries and other medical resources.

Central Scientific Medical Library (TSNMb) MMA. I. M. Sechenov), the database “Russian medicine” – contains information about the primary sources received by the Central Medical Library after 1988 by sections:

  • articles – include articles from domestic journals and collections;
  • dissertations – include domestic abstracts and dissertations;
  • books – include domestic, translated and foreign books.

This database contains only bibliographic descriptions of primary sources available in the TsNMb, and contains almost no abstracts and texts of the documents themselves. Subscribers can order paper and electronic copies of articles and abstracts. TSNMb does not produce full copies of books and dissertations, as well as electronic text copies of primary sources.

WEBmedINFO.RU – books (in many medical specialties), software, reference books, atlases, tests, abstracts, medical records ( ), articles, search for drugs in pharmacies in different cities. is a new project (opened on August 1, 2008), offering books and articles on many medical specialties, on traditional medicine and healthy lifestyles. In addition, the site contains electronic guides, tests and videos.

“Consolidated catalog of periodicals and analytics in medicine” – has been implemented since March 2003 and combines 12 medical libraries of Russia of various departmental affiliations. The main goal of the project is to create a consolidated catalog of periodicals and analytical painting on medicine. The linguistic support of the resource is the MeSH thesaurus and the “Doctors of Russia” database.

The medical library on offers articles, books on various medical specialties (cardiology, gastroenterology, neurology, nephrology, ophthalmology, gerontology, pulmonology, endocrinology, reproduction, osteoarthrology, emergency care), materials on the use of medicines, links to medical sites and several regulatory documents.

Library NONRONET offers literature for professionals and patients in the field of neurology, psychiatry and related specialties. Contains a selection of materials on epilepsy, dictionaries, reference books and encyclopedias (EEG terminological dictionary, children’s semiotics of diseases, Harrison’s internal medicine handbook, Big Medical Encyclopedia, Big Mass Encyclopedia, Oxford Medical Dictionary).

The “Medicine” section of the “LIB.RU – Maxim Moshkov Library” project contains reference materials and guidelines on certain medical issues (physiotherapy exercises, homeopathy, improved vision, overweight, alternative medicine, surgery, the theory of aging).

The project “MedTEXT” – contains in an archived form educational materials on many medical specialties, articles, medical records, abstracts, software (including MS-DOS).

Paid resource “Medical literature”. Payment can be made by sending an SMS or through any electronic payment system.

Electronic Medical Library IT Medical , which allows you to view materials on some medical specialties (anatomy, anesthesiology, medical law, pathology, resuscitation, therapy, pharmacy, surgery).

The project “Infarct.Net” – provides specialists with the texts of articles on coronary artery disease (myocardial infarction, acute coronary syndrome, stable and unstable angina), thrombolytic therapy, atherosclerosis, arterial hypertension, heart failure and arrhythmias.

“Russian anesthesiology server” is a specialized resource offering texts of articles on the following issues: regional anesthesia and pain treatment, problems of general anesthesiology, new in intensive care, drugs in anesthesiology, practical aspects of anesthesiology, issues of obstetric anesthesiology. l

The site library “Anesthesiology and Implantology in Dentistry” contains a selection of articles for patients and doctors. In this section, there are also some programs for doctors.

The project “Resuscitation Club” is intended for professional and social communication of specialists related to intensive care, resuscitation, anesthesiology. Contains a specialized selection of articles and books, medical software.

The section “Library” of the site “Doctor-Postgraduate Student” contains archived texts of articles from the scientific and practical journal “Doctor-Postgraduate Student”, articles on philosophy, on the use of statistics and computer technology, on general issues, useful to graduate students.

Electronic library SURGERYLIB.RU on surgery. Contains an archive of X-ray and CT images, photo and video materials, articles, e-books, manuals, abstracts, dissertations materials.

Medical library in the project “SOF – Club of Photomedicine Specialists ”. Contains articles on photo medicine, photo and video materials.

Section “Medical Library” of the project “Medtrast”. Contains an encyclopedia of clinical examination of the patient, an archive of case histories, an encyclopedia of laboratory tests, nutritional materials, reference books (including pharmacological) and materials from some periodical medical journals.

Medical Library Portal “Modern Medicine”. Contains books on various branches of medicine.

Library of the project “Gastroenterological portal of Russia”. Contains specialized articles, books, reference books, guidelines, collections of images, abstracts of scientific publications 2000-2005.

Publishing house “Elsevier” (Elsevier), offers electronic databases, including the system of clinical knowledge MD Consult and online resources for nurses (e-library skills, electronic guidance on procedures for intensive therapy and emergency care, etc.).

The Praktika Publishers Electronic Medical Library, offering texts of all books in the series “Foreign Practical Medicine Guides” prepared in 1997–2000, allows you to view materials on some medical specialties in your own interface (therapy, cardiology, neurology, pediatrics, surgery, psychiatry, obstetrics, endocrinology, immunology, pharmacology). It has a query language for advanced search.

The “Medicine” section of the project is a collection of medical abstracts.

Medsite project – a collection of case histories in many specialties.

Medical records on the project “Site Makvlad`a”.

Specialized forensic library of the project “FSM – forum of forensic physicians”. Contains dissertation abstracts, abstracts and books on forensic medicine.

“Statistics in biomedical research”. Articles and books on the use of statistics in medical and biological research. There is a paid section of materials dissertations.

Libraries of higher medical schools

Scientific Medical Library of the Siberian State Medical University.

Scientific Library of the Vladivostok State Medical University. /

United Scientific Medical Library of the Voronezh State Medical Academy. N. N. Burdenko.

Library of Izhevsk State Medical Academy.

Library of Kazan State Medical University.

Library of the Nizhny Novgorod State Medical Library.

Library of Omsk State Medical Academy.

Scientific Library of Saratov State Medical University.

Library of the Yaroslavl State Medical Academy.

Drug directories and catalogs

Handbook of drugs VIDAL . Provides a search for drugs according to the clinical-pharmacological index, nosological index, anatomic-therapeutic-chemical (ATC) classification system. It contains descriptions of the drugs themselves and their interactions, information for doctors of various specialties on the use of drugs, algorithms for diagnosing and managing patients, recommendations and results of clinical studies.

Library site “Encyclopedia of Drugs – Radar”. Contains an encyclopedia of drugs, which includes sections: a reference book of drugs, active substances, dosage forms, a handbook of diseases, pharmacological groups , ATC classification, pharmacological action, manufacturers of drugs.Presented books, regulations and thematic articles on the problems of pharmacotherapy.

The project MEDI.RU contains instructions and articles on the use of drugs, has thematic sections on various medical specialties, a preferential list of drugs (DLO).

Lib-Med is a library of instructions for drugs on the unofficial website of the Department of Dentistry of General Practice and Anesthesiology of the FPDO MGMSU.

The project contains a collection of instructions for medicines and prophylactic agents, a dictionary of medical terms.

Database of regulatory documents

Bank of documents on the website of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russia.

Library of legal acts of the Moscow Department of Health.

The library of regulatory documents governing pharmaceutical activity is presented in the project “ Uniko-94” .

The “Infoserver” section on the “Healthcare of the Altai Territory” website contains regulatory reference materials on health care and related areas issued by: USSR Ministry of Public Health (1986–1989), RF Ministry of Public Health (1992–2006), Government of the Russian Federation (1996–2006) the Russian Federation Council (1991–2006), the administration of the Altai Territory (1996), orders and regulations of the Healthcare Committee of the Altai Territory Administration (2006), materials of Altai medical conferences (1999–2004).