Meeting with parents!

Meeting with parents!

A meeting was held with the parents of students who came from Namangan, Samarkand, Ferghana and Andijan regions of Uzbekistan. At the meeting, parents were informed about the activities of SRMSI, class rooms of modern equipments, modern technologies, libraries with necessary literatures.  And they introduced to staff of «Natural Sciences and Humanities» Department.  They also were informed information about the student’s activities and successes.
 The head of the Department of “Natural Sciences and Humanities” Ph.D. Anarbekova Venera Erkinbekovna explained the current situation and introduced the educational standards of the Ministry of Education of the Kyrgyz Republic. According to the regulation, students must complete the 1st year academic year, and the 2nd year students an able to transform to other universities.
Venera Erkinbekovna also told about the social life of students, and about keeping in touch with Uzbekistans universities as Andijan Medical Institute.
 Furthermore, she included in her speech about information of world organizations, as UN Declaration, its adoption and about information to the students.

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