Quality and Safety management systems

Institute for medical research and social education, the quality management system

1. General Provisions

  1.1. Institute for medical research and social education, the quality management system of the Law “On Education” İİMSİnin Charter of December 22, 2011, inter-state GOST was developed based on the ISO 9001-2011 standard. Education quality management system (all BBSBS) specifies the structural measures aimed at improving the structures of education and culture.
  1.2. İİMSİdegi education quality management system at all levels of education: from the definition of initial and final state standards for higher education and to the satisfaction of the requirements of consumers and other interested parties to ensure quality education activities, is a set of methods and approaches.

  1.3. Institute of scientific research, medical and social BBSB system is operating in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001-2011 GOST always retained the quality of education, increase the efficiency of management. İİMSİnin BBSB system to determine that the low quality of educational services, aimed at improving the analysis, it will contribute to increasing the efficiency.

  1.4. BBSB system applies the following levels:

The total institution, fakultet, departments and jobs.

Duties and responsibilities of management and a usurpation of ölüştürüünü, the quality of education in establishing a mutual attempts defines the quality management system documents and procedures. İİMSİnin development strategy of the Institute is the strategic direction of the Quality Management System, used to define the purpose, mission, and purpose.

2. The responsibility of the Management

Associated rektoratı BBSB for developing and implementing a system to increase efficiency, as well as continuous duty. In order to determine development priorities in the field of quality policy and objectives of the university uses the strategic and operational planning procedures.

The administration of the institute’s requirements for employees of the institute, consumers and other interested parties  Information about the necessity of the implementation will be responsible for delivery. This is unlikely to ketseşmelerdin carried out by introducing the issue on the agenda of this release.

İİMSİnin rector, change suppliers Along with the introduction of the payment system, BBSB Milestone responsible for our ability to support.Quality Management System is assigned to the control, the ability to work on study-rectors.

The urgency of the institute’s leadership BBSB system and the need to become familiar with the staff, the quality of information about the contribution of each of achieving objectives in the field, as well as criticism for a kerektööçülörd pi bleeding ensure the delivery of information to all employees.

İİMSİde users (stakeholders) to provide feedback with the procedures developed and implemented. This responsibility lies with the head of the department of industrial practice and career center.

BBSB system of fitness activities, and the management in order to ensure the effective functioning of the Institute and is available from time to time analysis.

İİMSİnin administration is essential for the functioning of the system BBSB provides resurestar. This is the training of managers and employees, quality management, special die-essays, holding the distribution of financial and material-technical resources Program South y etc. will be in place.


3. Records management procedures

İİMSİnin leadership for keeping constantly takes the lead in the management of the process and quality management documents ürgüzülüşün It also controls. According to the achievement of the expected results on the basis of the internal audit management confirmed cases, do not meet the appropriate and correct golf üzötüülör introduced. Oh renovations are making üzötüülör warning activities,

4. consumer focus

Kerektööçülörd the leadership of the Institute for graduation and other stakeholders to ensure the creation of mechanisms to increase the satisfaction of the parties and the responsibility. İİMSİnin main clients of the institution, applicants, students, alumni and from notes.

İİMSİ prepare specialists in foreign countries. The Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, as a party interested in the activities of İİMSİnin, licensing, accreditation and training facilities and exclusions of the total check to pass In order to monitor compliance with the necessary requirements. The management of the educational institution as a result of the requirements of this section and to the implementation of İİMSİd f constant control.

The demands and expectations of the interested parties by the management of the school; The essence of the demand for training and education to technology and management techniques into the pi titles. Vice President for academic affairs, responsible for the implementation of innovative educational technologies Page: curriculum and methodical complexes, the payment of a test module-rating and credit technology, computer, etc.

Vice-rector of the Institute for compliance with the content requirements for the licensing and accreditation of educational programs and coordinates.

Dean of faculty, academic department head, the department responsible for the form of specialties training plans development, including theopening of a new batch of educational programs and state rities requirements of the standard of education, the world of science and technology controls to meet current development trends.

İİMSİnin rektoratı requirements for kerektööçülörd and other interested parties shall guarantee to all employees, to release the information.İİMSİnin all the requirements established by the leadership of the payment for a kerektööçülörd satisfaction rate and monitoring carried out by way of improvement and school activities may lead to the development of sustainable activities.

5. Quality Policy

Educational institute will aim to fulfill the requirements for a quality management system kerektööçülörd and quality in the field of policy İİMSİnin main purposes. İİMSİnin administration for introducing a quality management system and improve its effectiveness, as well as sustainable and coordinates. Rector of the Institute of scientific research, medical and social approve the policy in the field of quality, as well asarrange for its maintenance. To whom by the policy in the field of quality management are taken into account:

– Institute a long-term goal;

– Institute for workers in positive activities for maintenance necessary for future activities örünüşü;

 The degree of satisfaction to consumers and other stakeholders of the institute’s activities on campus;

The demands and expectations of the stakeholders;

– the necessary resources to implement the policy in the field of quality.

In the field of quality policy in order to achieve the goals defined by the institution’s management:

 demonstrate high-quality education services to provide for the general administration;

 According to the implementation of quality management functions and tasks implemented piece of deaths and the leaders of their responsibility and powers and expand its relationship clearly defined;

– quality policy to all employees, and delivers it to understand the position of each; All of the institute’s staff to ensure that the quality requirements in the field of politics;

 Quality policy in the field of action to act against the interests of workers brow.

All the employees of the institution in the field of quality policy will be presented. Re-trial or a new quality in the field of policy before the launch, with the appropriate recognize the structural section. Introducing quality in the field of politics and dean of the faculty, İİMSİnin charged heads ofthe structural units.

In the field of quality policy will be reviewed by the institute’s rector. In case of change of policy in the field of quality and updating responsibility for academic affairs, rector transshipment die.

Education quality management system, the procedural approach. The advantage of the procedural approach ensures the continuous management. This system is a combination of processes within the system of personal connection, their impact and interaction üüsü are regulated. Education quality management system requirements for using the procedural approach to understanding and implementingprocesses for achieving the planned results, performance, and notes the need to ensure their effectiveness. İİMSİ quality policy in connection with the SMART (Specifik – Measurable – Achievable – Realistic – Timely) , guided by a system of determine the expected results.

Designing the mission of the institution of civil society, the academic value of the subject of an independent, self-esteem is strong, socially responsible decision-making by bringing a person to live in an open society, human beings proves itself as a social institution dedicated to education.

  The mission of the institute’s purpose, İİMSİnin Development Strategy 2020 states the following: “based on the achievement of science, innovation and technology, public health, social environment and the economy, in order to develop the required training.” In carrying out this mission is based on the international standard ISO 9001-2011 quality management.

 6. Employers and communications

Consumer satisfaction İİMSİnin quality management system is an important element. Kerektööçülörd – a student for a variety of activities,students, parents, and b ütürüüçülördün, is revealed to the demands of the community is constantly analyzed and the appropriate decisions.Confirmed with the appropriate paper, the mutual relations katnıştı methods will be developed further.

İİMSİ always working to stay in touch with suppliers to implement effective measures, to whom:

a) providing information on education programs;

b) at the request berüüçulerdun monitoring;

c) berüüçulerdun to stay in touch with consumers, according to the suggestions and feedback.

7. Monitoring and measurements

7.1. Management of the Quality Management Institute as one of the ways to monitor information related to the execution requirements.

7.2. Validation (internal audit).

İİMSİnin administration, a period in order to determine compliance with the quality management system of the planned activities of the internal audit (inspection).

Taking into account the circumstances of auditors (Audit) program İİMSİda developed quality management system, to note that in accordance with the planned activities. Taking into account the results of the audit carried out previously defined program of internal auditors. The frequency of use of the area, and audit methods and criteria determined by the leadership of İİMSİnin.

7.3. Monitoring measurements.

Institute a quality management system process is used in the foregoing methods of monitoring and matching the measured rate. If the planned conclusion is made, then the necessary corrective actions.

7.4. In order to analyze the effectiveness and suitability of the quality management system İİMSİ collect all relevant data and system.

7.5. continuous development

İİMSİ efficiency in the field of quality management system   works constantly to increase. At the same time in the field of quality policy and objective analysis of the results of the internal auditors and the payment of the data analysis, corrective and warning araketger. Based on the analysis of the decisions made by the leadership of the institution.


8. For the education export

Y socio-medical research institute conducts educational programs on the potential for export growth policies that help improve the quality of education: internal security and İİMSİnin increases its responsibility for a category of educational services; an academic institution OF FREEDOMin conditions of high education, school activities will provide important indicators asserts.


9. The activities of internal evaluation (self-evaluation)

The Institute of educational activities, self to evaluate is carried out. The purpose of the self-evaluation as İİMSİnin activities and educational programs meet the criteria of institutional and programmatic accreditation standards and educational services shall comply with the requirements of state educational standards. Through the transition to an independent accredited İİMSİ the following goals:

  Mechanisms to ensure an objective assessment of the quality of education and continuous improvement;

Interaction with other high schools to discuss issues of quality of education and unity.


10. Research by Rating

  The main objective of the institute’s rating space. İİMSİ higher educational institutions on a global and national rating, participate and learn modern technology. A rating of educational programs for schools, employers, students and their parents, and useful to the general public.Rating is a significant positive development, management tool for moving forward. Therefore, the institution of education is carried out continuously to ensure the quality of ratings.