Regulations to join as faculty and staff member

In NIMSI developed in accordance with the labor legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic of August 4, 2004 No. 106 transparent and objective procedures and criteria for the admission of teaching and teaching support staff to work and the promotion of faculty and staff.

Reception procedure:

one. Participation in the competition for filling the vacant position in the Institute ;

2 Inviting highly qualified specialists with a degree and academic title;

Admission Criteria:

one. Compliance with the qualifications of an employed specialist with official requirements for GOStu;

2 The presence of a document of the established sample, confirming the qualification of the specialist, corresponding to the vacant post

3 Submission of documents according to the list determined by the personnel department

a) statement

b) summary

c) Personal card

d) photo 3×4

d) employment record

e) copies of higher education diplomas

g) military card

h) sanitary book

If all the required criteria are met and the necessary procedures are completed, the specialist is accepted for work on a personal application, on the basis of which the RISM Rector issues an order for employment and a contract is concluded with the employee. The contract defines: the term of work of the employee, his rights and duties, the amount and mode of operation, workplace, the salary of the employee.

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