Strategic goals and objectives

Strategic goals:
  • Steadily developing, the most prestigious in the region, modern educational institution.
  • Entry into the elite institutions of the republic for five years.
  • Preparing qualified specialists of the highest level, ensuring the quality of education through the innovative development of the institute in accordance with the requirements of employers and stakeholders.
  • Development of a quality management system for education.
  • The introduction of practice-oriented forms of education.
  • Improving the automated learning management system.
  • Improving the qualifications of the teaching staff of the institute.
  • The organization of scientific work of teachers and students.
  • Ensuring the full development of students.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the educational activities of the institute.
  • Implementation of the plan for the recruitment and employment of graduates.
  • Improving the material and technical base.
  • Expanding the network of social partners.
  • Formation of a positive image of the institute in the professional field.